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Vegan Grilling Block

Vegan Grilling Block

Vegan Grilling Block

Great news! We have an exciting new addition to our Greek-style vegan cheese selection: the Vegan Grilling Block. Unlike our other Sheese products (excepting Grated Hard Italian), the Vegan Grilling block is not intended to be melted as such, but instead, lends itself to grilling and frying, so should be cut into chunky strips and fried until it crisps and browns nicely, yet retaining a mouth-watering gooey "cheesy" center (just like a certain dairy product originating in Cyprus, and as is traditional with that, ours is flavoured with a hint of mint too). 

Rather than wide strips, you can also cut them into "œfish finger " sized pieces, and dip in a beer batter, then rolling in bread crumbs (such as Panko crumb) before frying, for a crunchy savoury treat with a soft center that you 're sure to become an instant fan of. Serve on a dish of mixed salad, (including some Kalamata olives naturally). 

The fact that it keeps its shape also makes it a great candidate for adding to skewers at barbecues with cherry tomatoes, courgettes, plus seitan or mushrooms. Team up these tasty Grilling block skewers at BBQs with plant-based burger baps accompanied by our Cheddar style with Jalapeno & Chilli Sheese slices. 

Another suggestion is diced in salads for a change from our Greek-style Sheese. Experiment, and let us know how you get on!

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