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Our Team – Proud of Their Vegan Produce

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Here at Bute Island Foods we work hard to make and develop new Vegan foods, because it’s something we really care about. We care passionately about animals, and fervently about making healthy foods for people who are lactose intolerant or just want to stop eating dairy. All the team hopes you enjoy Sheese and Creamy Sheese as much as they enjoy making it!

Sheese Team

We are fortunate enough to live and work in the beautiful surroundings of the Isle of Bute, on the west coast of Scotland. Stunning beaches with sea vistas, walks through glorious countryside and a historic Royal Burgh….this is where we make your Sheese.

As a company, we are meticulous in ensuring that our premises are 100% vegan. The highest health and safety procedures are observed, no food products are allowed to be brought into the building and we have dedicated areas for soya and soya free production – never the twain shall meet!