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Grated Hard Italian Style

Grated Hard Italian Style

Grated Hard Italian Style


Our Grated Hard Italian style Sheese is a tangy dairy free vegan cheese delight. Made with coconut oil, it'll spruce up pasta dishes and add a little bit of zing to your vegan risotto.


Unlike the other Sheese varieties in our range, our new Hard Italian style Sheese has a hard granular texture (but handily coming pre-grated of course). It has a wonderfully tangy, savoury cheesy taste, combined with a certain nuttiness and perhaps a fruity hint of pineapple.

Just like the dairy equivalents of this style of cheese, this dairy free version doesn't really melt at all (this being the opposite to all our other flavours) so lends itself as a perfect and convincing substitute for one of Italy's (and the world's) finest grated hard cheeses. It's wonderful added to pasta dishes as a tasty topping or you can add it into (or sprinkle over) all kinds of soups, especially Minestrone of course. Why not try it sprinkled over pizza just as it comes out of the oven to compliment one of our grated melting vegan Cheddars? 

Another delicious way to use this versatile Sheese is added to risotto dishes. Try it sprinkled over salads for extra bite too, along with a few Bella di Cerignola (black) and Nocellara del Belice (green) olives for a beautifully tangy and colourful addition (and maybe a side serving of some fresh crusty bread for good measure too). :)

If you enjoy your Italian cheese a little stronger, you are sure to love this finely grated gem of a vegan cheese. Isn't it time to bring that Italian recipe book out and get creating dairy free vegan versions of some classic Italian favourites?

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