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Garlic & Herb Creamy Sheese

Garlic  Herb Creamy Sheese

Garlic & Herb Creamy Sheese


Like our other Sheeses it's made with coconut oil and has established itself as a firm favourite amidst our large catalogue of vegan cheeses. It comes in two pack sizes, namely 170g and 255g tubs.


Garlic & Herb Creamy Sheese is so versatile: it tastes great on toasted bagels & muffins, or spread thickly on toasted crumpets. But stirred into your favourite sauces or soups, it will definitely make them creamier and thicker. Garlic & Herb is also ideal in mashed potato or melted on fresh new potatoes, asparagus or peas (and here's a thought - why not try using it on its own instead of margarine?). It gives your pasta recipes a new lease of life and transforms your vegetable pies too. So what more could you ask for? Except maybe another tub of Garlic & Herb Creamy Sheese!

Check out associated recipes below, or visit our dedicated vegan recipe section to see how our other Sheese products can be put to fantastic use.

This product was awarded Highly Recommended status in the 2016 German Free From Food Awards

We are really proud to announce that our Garlic & Herb Creamy Sheese has been Highly Commended by the jury of the very first Free From Food Awards 2016 in Germany! We know this is something truly special as they celebrate the best in Free From foods. So if you would like to find out more about the Awards (and your German is good enough) please check out their Free From Food Awards website. The one dedicated for UK may help you too! They do share the same objectives and values.

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Creamy Garlic Lentils & Veggie Courgetti
  • Prep
    Serves 2 approx

Creamy Garlic Lentils & Veggie Courgetti