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Mature Cheddar Style Slices

Mature Cheddar Style Slices

Mature Cheddar Style Slices


Like their counterpart, these slices are made with coconut oil and serve as a perfect part of specialist diets including vegan, kosher and lactose intolerant ones.


Developed for your own convenience, our Sheese Slices are an incredibly handy solution to quickly prepare healthy and tasty sandwiches or toasties. The flavour of the Mature Cheddar style Sheese Slices is extremely well-pronounced and will give a little extra dimension to all your preparations.

Easy to grab in the fridge and enjoy straight away, the Sheese Slices also melt incredibly well. So go for it and simply treat yourself!

In the meantime check out some recipe ideas using these slices below, or visit our dedicated vegan recipes section for further inspiration.

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