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Jalapeno and Chilli Melting Sheesy Bake

Spring Onion and Garlic

Spring Onion and Garlic Melting Sheesy Bake

Introducing the award-winning "Garlic and Spring Onion Sheesy Bake": A plant-based Sheesy marvel!

Hey, fellow food enthusiasts! Let's talk about vegan wonders and the exciting world of plant-based cuisine. With the rising popularity of veganism, we're seeing a demand for delicious alternatives that cater to all tastes. That's where our award-winning "Garlic and Spring Onion Sheesy Bake" steps in – a mouthwatering creation that redefines dairy-free indulgence and brings a whole new twist to "cheese fondue". Spring Onion and Garlic Melting Sheesy Bake Imagine a creamy, flavoursome blend that not only satisfies your cheese cravings but also respects your commitment to a vegan or plant-based lifestyle. Well, folks, the Spring Onion and Garlic Sheesy Bake is exactly that, delivering a truly delectable experience that showcases the versatility and creativity of plant-based cooking with its ultra-smooth, perfectly meltylicious texture, and a truly indulgent treat! 

We've gathered the finest plant-based ingredients to create this extraordinary vegan delight. But let's shine the spotlight on the real star of the show: our dairy-free cheese alternative - Spring Onion and Garlic Sheesy Bake which has been carefully crafted by our talented and creative Sheese team here at Bute Island.

This vegan cheese has it all – a rich, velvety consistency and a robust flavour that's just out of this world with the unmistakable tang of garlic and the fresh kick of spring onions. Each mouthful of this Sheesy Bake takes you on a sensational taste adventure like no other (well, except of course for our Jalapeno & Chilli Melting Bake which is the other half of our awesome twosome, so you really must try this too as soon as you get the chance).

What makes this vegan creation stand out is its ability to achieve that classic creamy, gooey texture that makes fondue so irresistible. We've worked our magic with plant-based ingredients, combining them to deliver an experience that's remarkably close to traditional fondue.

Whether you're a dedicated vegan or just on the lookout for a dairy-free alternative that doesn't compromise on taste or texture, the Garlic and Spring Onion Sheesy Bake is pure bliss. Sounds good? Yes, well wait till you taste it, then you'll be impressed.

Convinced yet? Well don't just take our word for it, listen to the judges at the British Free From awards who were also impressed and awarded us with a coveted Gold award). The judges stated that it "looks like a direct replica of the dairy version - good innovation for the milk free market. The appearance is glossy, and it scoops and flows well. The added flavours bring in a point of interest. Comes in a rather nice pot that can be reused!".

You can say farewell to ordinary cheese fondue or run-of-the-mill vegan cheese options and say hello to a new era of dairy-free deliciousness that'll keep you coming back for more. Get ready to indulge in every bite and let your taste buds rejoice! Go check it out at your local Morrisons (if you're based in the U.K.) or buy online from Morrisons..

So, gather your favorite people, grab your go-to dipping companions, and get ready to dive into a dairy-free fondue experience like never before. With the Garlic and Spring Onion Sheesy Bake, you'll embark on a culinary journey that celebrates both your dietary choices and your passion for sensational flavours. Enjoy! 😄


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