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Vegan celebrities - 4 who made the switch

Vegan celebrities - 4 who made the switch

Vegan celebrities - 4 who made the switch

Vegan celebrities
Veganism is no longer a way of life reserved just for a select few who want an alternative lifestyle. Over the last few years, it has definitely become more mainstream, with consumers choosing to stay clear of animal products for lifestyle and environmental reasons. Vegan celebrities are commonplace now, and here are just a few examples of vegan celebrities with their reasons for making the switch...


Woody Harrelson

Awarded PETA 's Sexiest Vegan 2012 is all heart in real life despite his onscreen tough-guy personas.

A long standing vegan and raw food advocate, the star of Zombieland, True Detective,  Natural Born Killers and Cheers is an outspoken environmentalist, passionate hemp activist and has teamed up with PETA on projects such as securing the release of research chimpanzees.

He 's not afraid to put his money where his mouth is either, having recently invested in organic/vegan beer garden Sage which offers such treats as the Jamaican Jerk (veggie) Burger, raw tacos, Goatless Greek Quinoa, vegan pizzas and kale salad.

Woody has been vegan a since he was a struggling twenty-something actor in New York when a woman on a bus diagnosed his streaming nose and acne as lactose intolerance. He followed her advice to give up dairy and was symptom-free in a matter of days.

"I used to eat burgers and steak but I would just feel knocked out afterward; I had to give them up. Dairy was first, though "


Joaquin Phoenix

This Oscar-nominated actor was born in Puerto Rico to eco-conscious parents (his siblings were given earthly names like River, Rain and Summer, and Joaquin actually changed his name from Leaf) who raised their kids as vegans. Joaquin was offered several big commercial breaks in adverts for meat and milk products when he started his career, but turned them all down. Now, he 's a world-famous movie star, still a vegan, and an ambassador for animal cruelty prevention charity, PETA. Not bad.

"It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal. "


Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone has been an outspoken advocate for veganism for years, even writing a book in 2011 called The Kind Diet that explains why she chose a plant based diet that doesn 't include meat, fish, seafood, poultry, dairy, or eggs. Now, the Clueless actress is discussing her decision to feed her son, Bear Blu a vegan diet, too.

"Knowing the truth about where our food comes from is just so disturbing to me, " she says in a video for the nonprofit Farm Sanctuary 's Compassionate Meals program, as she and Bear eat veggie burgers and kale salad. "Once you see it, there 's no way to go back from that for me. " Bear is also asked what his favorite thing about being a vegan is. His response: "That you don 't have to eat yucky meat. "

Silverstone says it 's easy for her to feed Bear vegan foods, and she regularly makes easy-to-assemble meals like tacos and stir-fries. "I can make all those things based on what 's in the fridge, " she says. "You always have a bean, you always have a whole grain. " It's like such a no-brainer. It 's like the biggest 'Duh!' "


Mayim Bialik

Most recognised as Amy from the Big Bang Theory, Mayim is a proud vegan. She originally grew up vegetarian and made the switch to veganism when she was 19. Just this year, she released a vegan cookbook, Mayim 's Vegan Table.

" "I show my love for animals by not eating them or participating in any business that profits directly from their exploitation or - if that word irks you - their "use. " You may show your love for animals by eating them. You may love animals, but only "intelligent " ones. You may draw the line anywhere you gosh darn please, but for me, I couldn 't draw it anymore so I just gave up the line. I threw out the line. "


Want to try veganism?
If these vegan celebrities have inspired you to try veganism, why not give our dairy-free cheese a go? We bet you find it 's so tasty, you won 't miss the real deal.

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