Today traditionally all the Christmas decorations come down, leaving countless living rooms around the country looking sparse and bare.  But after the excesses of the Christmas and New Year period,  it is good to have a clear out of clutter.  And the same goes for your diet.  Whether you are vegan or not, we have all tended to over-indulge with seasonal treats.  We are used to going on a diet to flush out those extra pounds, but now, with the heralding of Veganuary, it is the perfect time to consider a move to a vegan lifestyle.

Veganuary, started in 2014, has “inspired and supported more than half a million people in 178 countries to try vegan for January – and beyond”, according to their website.  The organisation has worked with local and national businesses to improve vegan food provision in shops and food outlets, and through its collaborations with national and international media has made veganism more visible and accessible.  Their aim is to see a totally vegan world, but they understand that we all have to take one step at a time – hence the idea of taking the 31-day pledge for the month of January, and hopefully beyond.

And their campaign has some high profile supporters.  Comedian Sara Pascoe decided she was definitely going to continue with the way of eating after going vegan for 100 days.  And she joined other supporters such as Paul McCartney, Joaquin Phoenix and Lewis Hamilton.

The Veganuary website offers all kinds of help, support and tips for staying meat and animal products free for the month, including a host of recipes for every meal of the day, and plenty of information about eating out and vegan projects around the world.

The Vegan Society is also a huge supporter of the campaign, being an official 2020 partner.  “Veganuary’s month-long vegan pledge has been a huge success, which is shown in the extraordinary growth in participants since it was established in 2014,” says their website.  “From just over 3.000 participants in its first year to over a quarter of a million in 2019, the increase has been phenomenal.  2020 is set to eclipse these figures once again, and the Vegan Society is excited to promote this and keep the figures increasing.”

With so much support out there, why not give Veganuary a try.  Take the pledge and look forward to a better more ethical life.  And don’t forget to make you favourite vegan and dairy free cheese, our very own Sheese, part of your vegan diet.  And with a host of vegan recipe ideas on our website you are sure to find plenty to keep your taste buds satisfied!

6th January 2020

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