Bute Island Foods uses coconut oil as a basic ingredient in our Sheese products.  We were therefore interested to learn of a fascinating article on the website Happy Happy Vegan  that not only relates the benefits of the coconut, but also delves into the origins and uses of the drupe (a fruit in which an outer, fleshy part surrounds a single shell with a seed inside).  The coconut was much maligned as a major source of saturated fats.  But now nutritionists have come to understand its benefits, and the coconut has become one of the latest “super food”.

The article, by the website’s founder and editor-in-chief Lisa Williams, explains the diverse uses of coconuts in the past all round the world, and you are sure to be amazed at just how versatile the drupe is in not just cooking but also in building and even clothing.

If you want to learn more about one of the main ingredients of Bute Island Foods’ Sheese, be sure to click here for a fascinating insight into the humble coconut.  And for further information, Sebastian Beaton, from Two Kitchen Junkies, has written a very informative article about the many health benefits of coconut, including their nutritional values and powerful antioxidants.

18th February 2019

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