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Crispy Risotto Cakes

Crispy Risotto Cakes
  • Prep
    Prep. time 5 minutes
  • Total
    Cooking time 20-25 minutes
  • Serving
    Serves 4

Crispy Risotto Cakes

Let's get cooking

Our crispy vegan risotto cakes are a delicious starter or snack that's sure to liven up any meal, and a popular addition to our vegan recipe range.


  • 400g Vegan Smoked-style Chorizo
  • 320g Risotto rice
  • 2 medium white onions
  • 1 litre vegetable stock
  • 250ml white wine
  • Breadcrumbs for coating


  1. Finely dice onions and chop chorizo into 1cm cubes.
  2. Make 1 litre of stock as per instruction on packet
  1. In a heavy bottomed pan over a medium heat, sweat the onion in two tablespoons of olive oil until soft.
  2. Add the rice and stir until transparent.
  3. Add the wine and stir until evaporated.
  4. Simmer for 16-18 minutes adding a ladleful of stock at a time, until each ladleful has evaporated. After 16 minutes, taste the rice, it should be tender, but still firm in the middle.
  5. Remove from heat, stir in chorizo, season to taste and allow to cool.
  6. When fully cool, mould the rice mixture in to eight cakes and dip each one into a tray of breadcrumbs so evenly coated.
  7. Leave to set in fridge for 1-2 hours.
  8. When ready to cook, heat a pan on low to medium heat with three tablespoons of vegetable oil pan fry the cakes for 4-5 minutes each side until golden brown. Serve with a crunchy salad and sliced tomatoes.