When Dr Michael Greger, US physician, author and nutritionist, was a child, his grandmother Frances Greger was sent home from hospital in a wheelchair to die.  She was 65, and had terminal heart disease.  At home, waiting to die, she chanced on an item on television about a pioneering approach to reversing heart disease via exercise and nutrition.  Specifically, whole food plant-based nutrition.  The dying woman adopted a strict plant-based diet, as prescribed by the ground-breaking American nutritionist Nathan Pritikin, and made a full recovery.  She eventually died aged 96.  Her grandson Michael grew up, became a doctor and wrote “How Not To Die”, which specifies which foods we need to eat to live healthier and longer.

Michael Greger is now one of the world’s most famous authorities on nutrition, and advocate of a plant-based diet.  His book “How Not To Die” became a best seller, and paved the way for a career propounding the undeniable benefits of a healthy diet.  An early internet pioneer in health issues, he launched his website Nutrition Facts in 2004, which describes how a variety of plants, pulses and beans as part of your diet can have an extremely beneficial effect on your health.  His observations are largely empirical in nature, based on scientific research carried out throughout the world, and he describes in great detail the findings of these studies.  While some may find his writings occasionally somewhat dry, his essays nevertheless provide hard evidence of the benefits of a plant-based diet, which he says can prevent and reverse many chronic diseases.

His videos are extremely watchable.  He is a renowned public speaker, and his informative and entertaining YouTube channel has a host of videos about his journey into his firm belief of the benefits of a plant-based diet, as well as many recipes which turn what could be bland fare into tasty dishes – and not a hint of any animal products to be found!

If you are not already a fan, have a look at his website and YouTube channel, you will find his work fascinating.



23rd May 2019

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