As we reported, Bute Island Foods was delighted to be a major sponsor of one fo the largest vegan events on the calendar, VegFestUK 2019, last month at Olympia London.  We were pleased to have a tasting table at the event, and have received an extremely positive report back from Chris, who managed the table on our behalf.

“Veganism and all the products that support people going vegan are on the rise,” said Chris.  “And none more so than Bute Island Foods and the Sheese range of 28 varieties of delicious vegan cheeses.  Thanks to the generous amount of Sheese sent we were able to offer samples to the public over the weekend of the event at Olympia.”

“It was in demand and many people said it was the best vegan cheese they had tried – constantly coming back to sample different flavours.  For some it was the Greek style that reminded them of Feta, for others the Mature Cheddar style that they thought would work great on pizzas and other dishes.  At times the demand was so great that after a plate had been put out it was gone within seconds!”

“Many good discussions were had about where to buy the products and supermarkets that stock it and the supermarket own-brands that are produced by Bute Island Foods.  The recipe booklets provided Bute Island proved very popular as well.”

“Thanks to the large quantities of Sheese the company had sent down to the event, VegFestUK was able to sell packs to raise funds for two animal sanctuaries, Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary in East Sussex and Fleecehaven Animal Sanctuary in Devon.  Both organisations were delighted to receive the extra funding and thanked Bute Island Foods and VegFestUK for their kind donattions.”

“Having the products available to taste really helps”, continued Chris.  “It gives people the chance to try and decide to buy the samples that they liked.  Literally hundreds of people were able to sample Sheese, and were surprised at the wide range on offer and how to use them in different recipes.”

A big thanks to Chris and all at VegFestUK for the reciprocal support they gave to Bute Island Foods.  Our photo shows the tasting stand before – and I stress before! – the doors were open to the public.


12th November 2019

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