As we previously announced, Bute Island Foods is working with pizza chain Papa John’s to provide the Sheese for their range of vegan pizzas and side dishes.

The company started by using Sheese in three of its vegan pizzas – the Sheese & Tomato, the Sheese Garden Party and the Sheese Hot Pepper Passion.  But now they have expanded their range to include even more of you favourite vegan Sheese.  New products include Sheese & Marmite Scrolls, Sheese Crinkle Wedges and the spicy Sheese & Jalapeno Crinkle Wedges.

The move follows some other big High Street names, such as Domino’s and Gregg’s, who have also introduced vegan products to their main ranges – and they are certainly causing quite a stir!


4th April 2019

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