The whole world is coming to a standstill amid the chaos and devastation being created by the continuing sweep of Coronavirus across the globe.  And in the United Kingdom, we are facing exactly the same challenges as being witnessed across Europe and beyond.  With government restrictions on the movement of people being increasingly enforced, we wanted to take this opportunity to ease any concerns about Bute Island Foods and the production of our Sheese products during these very trying times of Coronavirus.

We have therefore posted on all our social media channels a statement to address any concerns our valued customers may have during these difficult times.  This comes as we understand that many people are concerned about the safe supply of food during periods of self-isolation and confinement in their homes.  We wanted to assure everyone that production of Sheese and our other products from Bute Island Foods continues, and we are working closely with our suppliers and customers in the supply chain to continue delivering the food that’s needed.

Our statement on our social media sites continues, “We would like to thank our workforce for their efforts and, indeed, recognise the role everyone in the food production industry is playing to ensure the supplies get through for all.”

Bute Island Foods has the most stringent of food hygiene standards.  That is why, for example, our supermarket partners are happy to allow us to continue to make the products for their own-brand Free From ranges.  We have dedicated teams involved at every stage of the manufacturing process, who are committed to ensuring the continuing safe production and distribution of Sheese.  And no team can be any more important than the industrial cleaners who work tirelessly through each night to ensure the optimum hygiene conditions.

These are trying times for everyone.  Not just in the UK but also for those further afield who have suffered more than here the ravaging effects of this dangerous virus.  As our social media statement concludes, “We’re in this together, so please stay safe, stay positive and stay healthy.  We will beat this.”


26th March 2020

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