How Vegan are Vegetables?

28th December 2019

It may sound a silly question – just how vegan are vegetables?  But when you consider it closely, it may not be as ridiculous as it first appears.  It is likely that the majority of vegans, when buying veggies, will choose organic products, meaning that fewer chemical fertilisers have been used in the growing of […]

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The UK Could Be Carbon Neutral Now

28th November 2019

As we career towards yet another general election, Greenpeace has published a league table of the various parties’ ambitions when it comes to creating a carbon neutral Britain, according to their manifestos.  Unsurprisingly, the Green Party tops the table, closely followed by Labour and the Liberal Democrats.  Plaid Cymru follows, but the Conservatives, Brexit Party […]

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Why People Go Vegan

19th November 2019

One of the big news items this week in the world of veganism has been the decision of Roger Whiteside, the chief executive of Greggs, the High Street baker chain, to go vegan.  Greggs, well-known for its meat-based pastry treats, famously introduced the vegan sausage roll earlier this year, which proved a huge marketing success.  […]

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How Healthy are Vegan Processed Products?

11th November 2019

When Greggs, the High Street baker with stores in just about every town in the UK, introduced their vegan sausage rolls, it caused quite a stir.  Many vegans hailed the introduction of a vegan version of an old British favourite, while some meat eaters were none too pleased at what they saw as a threat […]

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