The Plight of the African Elephant

30th August 2019

The decision this week by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites) to impose a near-total ban on the sending African elephants from their natural habitat to zoos around the world offers a glimmer of hope for this magnificent animal.  The regulator of global wildlife trade passed the resolution despite the opposition of […]

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Grave Concerns After Vegan Parents Prosecuted

27th August 2019

Last month we reported that the British Nutrition Foundation was encouraging vegan parents to check with a GP before bringing up their children on a strictly vegan diet.  While agreeing that it was important that children should receive the correct nutrition, we admit to being slightly sceptical about their assertion, as we believe that the vast […]

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Plant-Based Foods That Will Keep Your Hair Looking Beautiful

21st August 2019

Welcome to the latest in our series of guest blogs, this time from the writers of the lifestyle website Groom and Style.  Here they look at what vegan-friendly foods will help care for your hair, giving you lustrous locks! You can be careful about the hair products that you use and you can get as […]

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How Productive are Vegan Protests?

18th August 2019

With a growing number of protests – and children’s strikes – we are well aware of the international movement against climate change.  But after what seems a bit of a lull over the last 20 or so years, animal rights activism seems to be having more of a resurgence recently.  The reason is no doubt […]

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