Pudz Animal Sanctuary Needs Your Help

18th April 2019

Pudz Animal Sanctuary hosts around 15 vegan festivals around the UK to help raise funds for its operations – and Bute Island Foods is delighted to support these events for what is undoubtedly a very worthy cause.  Check out our events listings for details of their upcoming events. But as Pudz looks to help even more abandoned pets […]

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Spice of Life

27th March 2019

Most people’s kitchen cupboards have a range of little jars of herbs and spices – most of them three years out of date!  But for the informed, these little jars contain gold dust, as the benefits of a variety of herbs and spices have increasingly become apparent.  Not only do they make what could possibly […]

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Sausage Rolls to Pies – The Rise of Mainstream Veganism

14th March 2019

If you haven’t heard of Britain’s largest baker’s vegan sausage roll, you must have been living under a rock.  Gregg’s introduced the sausage roll to a great social media fanfare, and it certainly stole the headlines.  While some lambasted the break from traditional fare, the vast majority of customers were delighted with the new product.  […]

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The Benefits of the Humble Coconut

18th February 2019

Bute Island Foods uses coconut oil as a basic ingredient in our Sheese.  We were therefore interested to learn of a fascinating article on the website Happy Happy Vegan  that not only relates the benefits of the coconut, but also delves into the origins and uses of the drupe (a fruit in which an outer, fleshy […]

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