Vegan Christmas dinners on the rise

3rd December 2018

Research conducted by retail giant Tesco has indicated a fifth of Brits will cater for plant based diets this festive season. The study also focused on which areas were more veg-friendly than others, finding a clear North/South divide in the market. Brighton has been crowned “Vegan Capital of the UK” with 12% of residents planning […]

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New study on the health benefits of plant based diets

15th October 2018

A new study conducted by University of Toronto researchers has shown improved health, lower cholesterol and a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease associated with a plant based diet. The particular plant-based regime prescribed to study participants – coined the ‘portfolio diet’ – encourages the consumption of soy-based products in the place of meats and dairy. Also […]

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4 reasons for going vegan that are backed up by science

18th April 2018

We all know at least one person who has made the conversion to veganism and just will not keep quiet about it. If you’ve already taken the plunge and gone vegan yourself, you probably understand why this is. There is something almost spiritual about the vegan lifestyle; the act of eating becomes a kind of […]

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Vegan Christmas dinner ideas

12th December 2017

It’s almost that time of year again! Christmas is almost upon us once again, and you’re no doubt thinking about what wonderful things you can pull together for this year’s spread. We have a few vegan Christmas recipe ideas that should help liven up your menu, and we’re sure you’ve already thought of pulling together […]

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