How Healthy are Vegan Processed Meat Products?

11th November 2019

When Greggs, the High Street baker with stores in just about every town in the UK, introduced their vegan sausage rolls, it caused quite a stir.  Many vegans hailed the introduction of a vegan version of an old British favourite, while some meat eaters were none too pleased at what they saw as a threat […]

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The “Organic” Questions We Should Really Be Asking

5th November 2019

As we become more and more health conscious, we are being increasingly drawn to foods that are labelled “organic”.  After all, without the use of pesticides and chemicals, they are surely much better for our bodies, to say nothing of helping protect the environment.  Well, the organic label may not be all that it seems. […]

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The Benefits of Community Gardens

30th October 2019

On the Isle of Bute, we are lucky to have two community garden projects.  The most recent, the Chapel Hill Accessible Gardens, was opened last year by the local MP Brendan O’Hara and is run by community business Fyne Futures.  The aim is total inclusion – the raised beds can be enjoyed by everyone – […]

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Best Vegan Alternatives to Eggs

24th October 2019

One of the most difficult foods to give up, at least for me, when adopting a vegan diet is eggs.  Not just because you love a tasty omelette with toast, or a perfectly poached egg to go along with your prefect sausages.  No, it’s more because eggs are used as an essential ingredient in so […]

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