How to grow your own vegan superfoods

24th June 2019

Superfoods are very healthy and delicious, so you’ll be pleased to hear that they’re easy to grow, too. Nicky Roeber, Online Horticultural Expert at Wyevale Garden Centres, shares his tips for which superfoods to plant in your own back garden. Superfoods are nutrient-dense and packed with antioxidants such as vitamins, selenium, and carotenoids. Because they’re […]

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The Hispanic Paradox

18th June 2019

I watched with great interest a video by Dr Michael Greger on his Nutrition Facts YouTube channel – The Hispanic Paradox.  In it he explained that despite many negative factors, Latinos living in the US have considerably greater longevity than either blacks or whites in the country.  This is in the face of lesser opportunities […]

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How Easy is it to Be a Vegan?

11th June 2019

How easy is it to be a vegan?  This is not a simple question to answer – much depends on your commitment, your ethics, the availability of vegan and cruelty-free products where you live and your reasons for wanting to be vegan.  But more than anything, it is dependent on your definition of “vegan”. To […]

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Fighting to Save Our Animals

6th June 2019

It is almost entirely a man-made disaster.  Through poaching, climate change, deforestation and intensive farming, many species of wild animal are either in great danger of extinction, or have already disappeared off the face of this earth.  And in most cases it is entirely avoidable, but for human greed. From 2014 to 2017, over 100,000 […]

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