Water, the Forgotten Climate Change Factor

27th March 2020

As we recognised World Water Day on 22nd March, the United Nations launched a report which says that reducing the impact of climate change will require major changes in the way we use and reuse the Earth’ limited water resources.  So often was is forgotten in discussions about climate change, but it remains an important […]

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Viva!’s Challenging New Billboard Campaign

26th March 2020

Grantham is usually a quiet, sleepy market town, most especially now with near-deserted streets due to Coronavirus restrictions.  It is also, for obvious reasons, quite a conservative little town, being birthplace of Britain’s first woman prime minister.  It may therefore seem an unlikely place for a cutting-edge campaign to encourage veganism.  So you can imagine […]

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Make Your Own Self-Watering Herb Garden

23rd March 2020

With many people confined to their homes in self-isolation during this difficult period of uncertainty, many of us are looking for something to do that will occupy our minds but at the same time lead to something productive.  We’ve already shown you how to grow you own herbs from seed, so how about making your […]

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Coronavirus and Vegan Responsibility

18th March 2020

A well known vegan activist, known as Earthling Ed on social media, has sparked controversy by declaring that Coronavirus would not exist if it was not for meat eaters.  He has been slammed for insensitivity and politicising the current crisis by people responding on Facebook and Instagram.  No matter how true or false his claim […]

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