Bute Island Foods: the team

Bute Island Foods work hard to make and develop new Vegan foods, because it is something they really care about. They care passionately about animals, and fervently about making healthy foods for people who are lactose intolerant or just want to stop eating dairy. All the team hopes you enjoy Sheese and Creamy Sheese as much as they enjoy making it!

The Sheese team enjoying some time on the Isle of Bute
A part of the Sheese team enjoying some time on the beach in the lovely sunshine at Ettrick Bay, on the west side of the Isle of Bute in Scotland.

All the main guys in Bute Island Foods have had an Animal-Free diet for most of their lives, and nearly half of the other members of the team too. They do not eat animals or their products, some of them do eat fish (and their way of eating is based upon seriously considered and firmly held ethical and health reasons) and others are… curious!

We prefer to live by the spirit of things, not the ‘letter of the law’, as people sometimes do - criticising those who call themselves vegetarians because they may not live solely of vegetation, or vegans because they consume myriads of tiny fish creatures in their drinking water which are invisible to the naked eye, but many of which are very complex, sensitive and independently existing creatures. This is nit-picking and taking matters to a ridiculous degree for the sake of one-upmanship, whilst ignoring the spirit of the combined efforts of all our groupings. We’re often referring to our way of eating as non-animal or Animal Free, and drop the debate to focus on what really matters.

So let us support and encourage one another, and any system of caring for animals and eliminating cruelty, as well as encouraging a healthy diet, even if we differ in some aspects of definition or belief! We have enough to cope with in dealing with the antics of the very powerful meat and dairy lobbies, and those who believe that animals were put on Earth for Human to exploit and abuse. Also, every item of ingredients in our factory and all of our products are 100% Vegan, and are certified by the Vegan Society of Britain.

In fact, we devote our lives to providing Animal Free food, which is simply suitable and enjoyable for all!

Smile & Say “Sheese”!