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How to use it:

Untick all the appropriate boxes below the map to find what you need (don't forget to untick "Everything" which is selected by default for you, so you don't miss a bite!).

Once you've found your closest one, you can contact the Distributor or Wholesaler to know where would be your nearest stockist of Sheese & Vegandeli.

You can also order online directly, or find Retailers (we're actually building the list slowly but surely, so please let us know if we're missing something).

We can't wait to have you enjoying your Sheese or Vegandeli!

Don't give up on us!

There's no problem, only solutions.

Here are a few if you can't find any Distributors or Wholesalers distributing Sheese or Vegandeli near you:

  • You can order Sheese & Vegandeli online: simply tick the appropriate box on the map and you'll find links to our online suppliers
  • You can also let your local shop know that you want some! You'll soon have at your disposal a document to help you there. Keep in touch!
  • Well, as always, feel free to contact us anytime

Thanks to spread the good word, Sheeselover!

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Contact us and we'll fix it before you could say These Mature Cheddar style Sheese Slices are simply fabulous!

"I'd like to list your products"

Well, we'd love to work with you too!
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For any other questions, feel free to contact us anytime.