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Sheese: Vegan & Dairy Free Cheese

With over 20 years of experience, we are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of Vegan and Dairy Free cheese products. We have grown indeed a significant amount since our humble beginnings, and thanks to our brand new state-of-the-art facility, we are able to satisfy the huge demand in the growing Vegan cheese market for those who want excellent tastes, without the dairy! We are always looking to develop our product range and satisfy our customers’ demands by both:

  • Supplying leading retailers around the UK with outstandingly tasty Dairy Free cheese products
  • Expanding all around the world too, working alongside exceptional people who make Dairy Free cheese available for Vegan, dairy or lactose-intolerant people in their own country, making great-tasting personal food favourites once again possible for you and your family!

We always maintained our business ethics whilst enjoying a prolonged period of high growth, and we do work with many small retailers and distributors across the world, as well as supplying the larger wholesalers. Our Dairy Free cheese products are now stocked by many shops all over Europe, but also from Canada to New Zealand and Australia, through Asia and South Africa. We ensured during our growth, that we maintained our original aim to provide high quality Vegan cheese, which is supported by those who seek a healthy diet, who want animal-free food and demand excellent value.

All of our cheese alternatives are Dairy Free, Vegan, free from gluten & lactose, and our tasty wheat-based Vegandeli range is absolutely free from meat, egg, or dairy products, making it the ideal substitute for continental slicing sausage. Our ingredients are sourced as non-GMO, and our Sheese range is made in our dedicated Free From Factory on the Isle of Bute.

We make certain that all of our Dairy Free cheeses offer authentic tastes, whilst being suitable for Vegans, being affordable, and offer a healthier option to traditional cheese. So whether you are a distributor or retailer looking to stock our Dairy Free cheese or you are a consumer wanting delicious and authentic tasting Vegan cheese products

You can now Smile & Say “Sheese”!


Sheese tee-shirts

Are you a Sheese-aholic? Well, if you are (and who can blame you) we have the perfect thing that you're going to love: by popular demand, we introduce you the Sheese tee-shirts, which allow you to showcase your love for Sheese and Dairy Free Vegan cheese!

Sporting our "Smile & Say “Sheese”!" logo in white on the front, as well as detail on the back and sleeves, why not look your best while cooking your favourite Sheese recipes? You can also wear them to Vegan or Free From shows and events this year, in UK or anywhere else around the World!

The Sheese tee-shirts come in small, medium, large or extra-large for the guys, and small, medium, or large for the ladies. They are available direct from us for £12 incl. P+P (but if outside the UK please check for prices). They may also be available at our stand on some events (being modelled by our own fabulous team, naturally) so keep in touch to hear about the upcoming Vegan or Free From events we’ll attend!

Apart from being a great fashion statement to look really cool in this summer, they'll also make a superb gift for your Sheese-mad friends and loved ones who want to showcase their love for Dairy Free Vegan cheese alternatives. So why not grab yourself one (or more) of our fab-looking tee-shirts while stocks last! Contact us now.

Guy & Deb on the Bute Island Foods stand at a Canada event
Guy & Deb at a Canadian event.

The Sheese team with <i>Smile & Say “Sheese”!</i> tee-shirts
Bute Island Foods team in front of The Creamery.

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Smile & Say "Sheese"!

Contact us now to order your tee-shirts. Read More
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