Our Values


One of the most common reasons people have for not giving up dairy produces, used to be that there wasn’t an acceptable Dairy Free cheese alternative, that really tasted of cheese. Now we can tell them: you really don’t have to miss out any more, and can rest assured as no animals have suffered to satisfy your taste buds.


So Smile & Say “Sheese”!


Smile & Say “Sheese”!

Why we produce Vegan & Dairy Free cheese

  • To make it easy for people to go Dairy Free
  • To provide suitable products for everyone regarding their lifestyle choices, health concerns, or beliefs
    • We’re making inclusive food, so people can simply enjoy what really matters to them
    • We’re supporting healthy diets and lifestyles
    • We are intrinsically environmentally-friendly (as we are dedicated to Animal-Free food)
  • To offer excellent value: a great taste meeting highest quality standards, always at an affordable price.
    We’re just making sure that everyone can enjoy a healthier, more wholesome diet, full of flavour & authentic tastes!
Smile & Say “Sheese”!



Vegan Society Sheese is Made with Coconut Kosher

Sheese Ethos

  • All our products are Free From gluten, dairy, lactose or meat
  • Actually it’s simple: they are all certified Vegan & Kosher (Pareve), and made in our dedicated Free From Factory
  • Also, our new range is made with Coconut Oil, and do not contain Hydrogenated Fat or Palm Oil
  • Moreover, GMO is an important issue to Bute Island Foods, and all of the ingredients that we use are sourced as non-GMO
  • We only use soya from an IP source (Identity Preserved). The IP system is used to trace the soya from seed, all the way through the production process, and it is used to ensure that the soya is GMO Free as well as very good quality. Our product can only be made from the best quality, clean, dehulled soybean seeds
  • We do not use artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavours or colours

Award-winning Vegan cheese

Free From Food Awards Silver Winner Ireland 2016 logo Free From Food Awards Bronze Winner 2016 Ireland logo
Free From Food Award Winner Germany 2016 logo Free From Food Award Highly Commended 2016 Germany logo
Sheese, award-winning vegan cheese