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MOZZARELLA STYLE - the taste of Italy - ideal with pasta, good bread, fresh salads & fruit. It melts in your mouth and feels luxurious. All nine flavours have textures to match their dairy counterparts. They cut well - and look so smooth. So why not fry some garlic and chillies in olive oil - boil some spaghetti until  'al dente' - then stir in the oil, garlic & olives - season with black pepper, sea salt and a generous pinch of fresh basil - mix well - let it all tumble onto your plate - then get the grater and test drive our Mozzarella...You will not be disappointed.

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Tasty Mozzarella & Strong Cheddar savoury pancakes stuffed with leeks. (please click on this recipe page link)

This recipe was one of the winners of the Vegan Society's Sheese Competition 2008.

Thank you to Sue Allen of Reading for this delicious dish.




Mozzarella Sheese and tomato & water cress salad

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                 Mozzarella Mac & Sheese (Macaroni Sheese) topped off with Medium Cheddar                                                        Mac & Sheese anyone? 
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