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ORIGINAL CREAMY SHEESE is a versatile, non-dairy alternative to cream cheese, and can be used in exactly the same way, sweet or savoury. There are many exciting recipes to use it with such as non-dairy Sheesecakes  (see below), making pasta sauces creamier, as a topping for baked potatoes, a spoonful melted on hot vegetables, in pasta dishes, on bagels, rye breads & muffins - and in salad dressings. It makes mashed potato and mushroom  pie more dreamy - and can be used as a scrummy alternative  to butter and margarine. It's also ideal for making gratins (savoury crumble), Sheesy scones & Sheesy puffs, pizzas, creamy polenta (porridge like dish, mostly made from cornmeal, shaped into balls, then fried), creamier soups, sauces & salsas (spicy sauce of, mostly, uncooked vegetables) and is great straight out of the fridge for spreading on wraps, pita and all types of bread.


Best of all - it's great used in desserts, and is fantastic for making Truffles, Tortes and my personal favourite, Sheesecake - be it: chocolate Sheesecake, or Blueberry Sheesecake, Strawberry Sheesecake, Summer fruits Sheesecake, New York Style Sheesecake (vanilla), Mocha Sheesecake, Espresso Sheesecake, Kahlua (coffee liqueur) Sheesecake,  Chocolate chip Sheesecake, Caramel Sheesecake, Black Forest... OK, OK! I think we get the picture!  (if I could have a different flavour Sheesecake each day I would!) Food for thought indeed isn't it?.....    :)


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  Decisions decisions, chocolate or vanilla Sheesecake, which is better? - well there's only one way to find out!  
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  Breakfast Burrito with Original Creamy Sheese (please click on this recipe page link)        To die for, this is another melt-in-your-mouth, chocolate Torte recipe made with Original Creamy Sheese Recipe supplied by Sue Daniels from Leicestershire, overall winner
of the VIVA! Sheese competition 2008.
  please click on this recipe page link)

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                    Like mini Sheesecakes, for when friends drop by for a soyachino...                                    Crumpets with Original Creamy Sheese on a Sunday morning
 Just lavish Original Creamy Sheese on digestives with a generous dollop of jam - mmm!                               Well, you have to start the day right don't you?


Egg & Dairy-Free  Lactose-Free  Gluten-Free


  For mouth-watering recipes using Creamy Sheese - please click on this link!   


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