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CHESHIRE STYLE SHEESE is now nice and crumbly and very, very creamy. If you enjoyed it before - you will love it now with a glass of wine - open a bottle of Riesling and pamper yourself. It goes well in vegetable crumbles or grated into baked peppers, couscous and risotto. For creamier sauces, add it grated to your roux, as you would the flour, into the olive oil. Use yummy silky Cheshire Style in the same way you would use its dairy counterpart. Try cutting the Sheese into cubes and eating it with Kalamata (Greek) olives.


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                      Freshly grilled Cheshire Sheese on muffins with basil and tomato                       Close-up of grilled Cheshire Sheese on muffins, garnished with basil and pizza seasoning




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For mouth-watering recipes using Sheese - please click on this link!

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